Bridge Street’s Dori Kins is Focused on Her Future

Ohio County Schools Student Profile – “Bridge Street’s Dori Kins is Focused on her Future”

Bridge Street Middle School student Dori Kins is an exceptionally focused and   motivated young lady.

When she’s asked a question, she answers without hesitation and tells you exactly what she thinks. She’s impressively confident.

The eighth grader knew early on that she has a profound love of music and science. So, in sixth grade, she didn’t just consider her future career path, she determined it.

“I’m going into audiology and music therapy,” she said as a matter of fact. “I already know my life goals. I set them early.”

She’s highly intelligent and earns straight As in her classes. Kins is fiercely competitive. She is a member of Bridge Street’s volleyball team, and three, yes three, traveling softball teams. Kins believes in sportsmanship, she likes to be a team player, and she likes to win.

“We (Bridge Street’s volleyball team) won the PAC 8 championship,” she said proudly. “I like sports. It’s just fun, and you become such great friends with your teammates.”

Kins lives in Wheeling with her parents Heidi and Bobby. She has an older brother named Deven. She said her mother’s career as a radiology technician sparked her interest in and eventual love of science. Kins’ early interests led to what is now a passion for knowledge.

“I love to learn, and I want to learn more,” she said. “I want to know as much as possible.”

Kins said she loves Bridge Street Middle School. Her favorite teachers are Heather Vickers, Vicki Kirchner, Karen Moffa and Nathan Underwood. She honed her music skills over the course of her three years at Bridge Street where she plays tenor saxophone, violin and piano. Kins believes in the school’s motto “At Bridge Street, We’re Family,” and she is proud of what she’s learned in her time as a Red Devil.

“I’ve learned leadership and friendship here,” she said. “There is a lot offered here, and it is like family.”

As Kins’ teacher and volleyball coach, Vickers knows the young lady as a student and as an athlete. She said Kins has always impressed her as a scholar and a competitor. Vickers added that Kins is also a role model for her classmates.

“Dori is so driven,” she said. “She’s a positive influence on her peers in the classroom… mature, honest and genuine. It’s wonderful to watch how well she balances being a kid and being a serious student.”

Kins said she is enjoying her final months as a Bridge Street Middle School student. She is also very excited about her future because she is working to ensure that it is a bright one.

“I work hard for what I want because I want to be someone,” Kins said. “I’m not spoiled. I’m willing to work to get what I deserve. You can change the world if you try, but it’s all about effort and hard work.”