Slaysman Brothers Appreciate Triadelphia’s Tight-Knit Community

It happens nearly every time Triadelphia Middle School eighth graders Lleyton, Kiefer and Dylan are together in one of the school’s hallways.

A classmate or teacher happily greets the triplets collectively by simply announcing their last name for each of them to hear. “Slaysmans!” is a greeting the brothers have to come to expect in each other’s presence.

“It doesn’t bother us – most of the time,” Lleyton said with a smile.

Lleyton, Kiefer and Dylan Slaysman were born in 2002. Lleyton was born first. Kiefer arrived a minute later, and Dylan made his entrance two minutes after the brother who came just before him.

As you would expect, the Slaysman brothers have a lot in common. The boys are intelligent, and they are solid students. “All As,” was Kiefer’s response when he was asked about his most recent report card.

Kiefer and Lleyton like science, and Dylan likes social studies. However, they all find gym class to be their favorite subject. Each of them also picked longtime Triadelphia Middle School art teacher Michael Reppy as their favorite teacher. Triadelphia Principal Ann Coleman said the boys are well liked among their classmates.

“I met the Slaymans long before they came to Triadelphia,” she said. “I have always enjoyed my interactions with them and their family.”

The boys have many “likes.” But, their shared passion is athletics. The Slaysman brothers are teammates in three different sports, and the three of them are often on the same field of competition at the same time. They each take part in soccer, lacrosse and hockey. Lleyton’s favorite sport is soccer. Dylan and Kiefer most enjoy hockey.

“I love the fast pace, and it is hard hitting,” Dylan said. Kiefer nodded his head in agreement.

The brothers also share an appreciation for Triadelphia Middle School. Each of the boys believe the school is a close-knit community. The Slaysman brothers said it is a difficult time for students and staff members because of an illness in the family of Triadelphia teacher Erica Alexander whose son, Dominic, is battling a very serious illness. Although it’s a difficult time, it has made something apparent to the Slaymans.

“People really come together here,” Lleyton said.

“Everyone cares, and everyone is willing to do what they can to help,” Dylan added. “That makes you proud.”

Kiefer said he and his brothers are also proud of the opportunities offered at Triadelphia Middle School. Each of the brothers said the school offers the best in the arts and academics… Oh, and athletics.

“Triadelphia is definitely the best in sports,” Lleyton said. “… Triadelphia is the best stepping stone for Wheeling Park High School.”


Pictued from left are Kiefer, Dylan and Lleyton Slaysman.