“Andrea Trio has Teamwork Making the Dream Work at Madison”

Madison Elementary School Principal Andrea Trio made a promise to her students, teachers and school community upon being named to her new position. She said she considered her goals at length prior to making that promise. And now, after nearly a year as the principal of Madison Elementary School, Trio believes she’s kept her word.

“I promised to passionately lead the school community as a Madison Cougar,” Trio said. “I promised to cultivate communication and collaboration with all stake holders and create and foster relationships that built on trust. Finally, I promised to do whatever it takes to ensure student success.”

Trio became the principal of the Wheeling Island school at the start of the 2016-2017 school year. Madison was planning its 100-year anniversary celebration when she came on board.

Trio said being Madison’s principal has been amazingly rewarding. She said the students’ April 18 return to the school following spring break was an example of what she has come to love about Madison Elementary School.

“They were very excited to be here,” she said. “I heard them say ‘I missed you,’ and ‘I missed my school.’ That gives you a sense of pride that you’ve been a part of creating a safe haven and nurturing place for children. They feel loved and supported here.

“I have established relationships with the students, families and staff members that are so important,” Trio added. “Every day there is something to look forward to, and no two days are alike. I learn something new every day.”

Although it is challenging being the sole leader of a school, Trio said she has an excellent support staff to help her in guiding Madison Elementary School.

“You wear many hats for many different things,” Trio said. “You have to be an academic leader, a behavioral leader and the leader of the staff. You have to multitask and meet the needs of everyone. You also have to find the leaders within the building and delegate. Madison is blessed to have many talented educators who strive to do what’s best for children.

Ohio County Schools Human Resources Director Susan Nolte said Trio has been a wonderful leader at Madison Elementary School. She said Trio succeeds because she is committed to being a lifelong learner. According to Nolte, Trio is a role model for her staff and inspiration for her students.

“I love working with her,” Nolte said. “She reignites my passion for education every time I talk to her.”

Trio said the Madison Elementary School motto for the current school year is “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.” She said that teamwork has resulted in student achievement, the creation of a new Madison Parent Teacher Organization that has not existed at the school for about a decade and community events and fundraisers.

Trio said she remains excited about what is happening at Madison, but there is also excitement in the Wheeling home Trio shares with her husband, Eric, and their 3-year-old daughter Kailyn. Trio’s second child is due May 18.

Trio said it is an exciting time for her and for Madison Elementary School. She said she recently came across a quote that perfectly sums up how she feels about her role as principal of Madison Elementary School.

“It read ‘If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart,’” Trio said. “That’s me to a T.”

Trio is pictured with Madison Elementary School students Diamond Butler and R.J. Wicks.