Ohio County Schools Teacher Profile: Wheeling Park High School’s Amy Hensler

Amy Hensler was a high school junior in trigonometry class when it was first suggested to her that she pursue a career in education.
Hensler was helping her Brooke High School classmates with a difficult assignment that day in 1999. What a friend then said to her ultimately resulted in her becoming a Wheeling Park High School math teacher and multi-sport athletics coach.
“We were doing trigonometry, and they didn’t understand it,” Hensler said. “I was basically teaching the class. A friend told me that, if it weren’t for me, she would be failing. She told me that I should be a math teacher.”
Hensler graduated from Brooke High School in 2000. Then, in only three-and-a-half years, she graduated from West Liberty State College in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in secondary mathematics education. She did her student teaching at Wheeling Park High School, and she was formally hired as a Patriot educator in 2004.
Hensler has been a teacher and coach at Wheeling Park High School for the past 13 years. She teaches Math 2 Honors and Math 3. Hensler is a former Wheeling Park volleyball coach, and she currently is a coach of the Patriot softball and swimming teams.
Hensler believes she is a good teacher because she has a profound love of mathetics, and she likes to work closely with her students.
“There is a definitive answer to every mathematics problem,” Hensler said. “I love that there is a no grey area, and I can prove to you why my answer is the correct answer. That is the way the math mind works.
“I love to teach math because I love to interact with the students,” she added. “I love to watch them discover and figure things out. They are amazing, and my students make me feel wonderful about our future.”
Hensler has coached volleyball, swimming and softball at Wheeling Park High School, and she remains on the swimming and softball staffs. Hensler has seen tremendous achievement from Wheeling Park student athletes as a coach in each of those sports.
She was on the volleyball coaching staff during the 2009-2010 season when the team went to the state tournament. Hensler was a coach of the Patriot softball team that was a state runner-up in 2016. Last year, she said it was an amazing experience to be a part of the Patriot girls swimming team that earned a state title.
“I love coaching because it is so personal,” Hensler said. “You get to know student athletes on a personal level, and it’s an amazing thing to coach a kid and then watch them improve.”
Hensler said she loves teaching, coaching and Wheeling Park High School. She doesn’t expect that to change.
“I think I’ll have a very long career at Wheeling Park,” she said. “I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I love coaching and teaching, and I don’t foresee giving that up anytime soon.”

Photo: Wheeling Park High School math teacher Amy Hensler is shown with students Mia Sunseri and Loryn Ramsey.