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Warwood School science teacher Josh Yost received advice as a college student that changed his life, and it led him to the career he loves today.

Yost planned to pursue a career in the medical field when he enrolled at West Liberty University in 2010. However, he became engrossed in an introduction to education course as a college freshman, and a conversation with West Liberty Professor Dr. Traci Tuttle changed his mind.

“I realized that I love learning, and that I love helping others learn,” Yost said. “Dr. Tuttle saw that I was drawn to education. She recognized that, and she told me that I should consider it. I completely fell in love with education, and I knew, 100 percent, that I wanted to be a teacher.”

Yost graduated in 2014 from West Liberty University with a bachelor’s degree in Science Education. He began his career at Wheeling Park High School where he spent two years as a special education science teacher. He’s now in his second year as a sixth-and-seventh-grade science teacher at Warwood School, and he has been thrilled with his time there.

“These two years have been unbelievable,” Yost said. “I love the atmosphere and the feeling of community here at Warwood. I know all of the students in the school, and I love it that I get to teach my students for more than just one year.”

Yost believes he has a sound philosophy in regard to teaching and education. His belief system does not make his work easy, but it does make him a better teacher. He is also quite sure that his philosophy makes his students better learners.

““I truly believe that everyone learns differently, but everyone can learn,” Yost said. “My goal is to make sure all of my students meet their learning needs.”

“That can be a struggle,” he added. “I may have 25 students in a class, so it can be difficult to meet each of their specific learning needs. So, if it’s easy, you may not be doing what’s right for your students. It’s important for me to figure out the specific needs of my students.”

Yost loves the classroom and his science labs, but he also loves athletics. He is the coach of the Wheeling Park High School freshman boys basketball team, and he also coaches the Patriots’ JV golf team. Now, he’s involved in a new endeavor at Warwood School.

“We’ve started the first ever Ohio County Schools Lego Robotics Team,” Yost said. “Warwood is going to compete this year, and I am the coach. We just started two weeks ago, and I know it will be fun.”

Yost said the 2018-2019 school year is off to an excellent start, and he is excited to watch his students learn and grow throughout the school year. He said one of his most important goals is to instill in his students a love of learning. Yost said he works to create a positive environment for his students, so that they look forward to come to school every day.

“You are on a journey with your students,” Yost said. “We become a team. It begins at the start of the year, and to see where it ends is truly amazing. It means everything to me.”

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