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Ohio County Schools Math4Life Profile

Name: Walt Saunders

Occupation: Ohio County Schools Federal Programs Director

High School: Wheeling Park High School

Statement: Math to me is the lifelong ability to solve problems in everyday life. I apply it daily in basically everything I do. I use math when I’m renovating my house to calculate the square footage of a room or estimate the supplies I need for a project. I use addition and subtraction when I’m measuring ingredients in what I’m making for dinner.

Professionally, I use math in budgeting for federal programs and in the scheduling of resources. The understanding of math has given me the ability to problem solve. Mathematics involves identifying a problem, applying a set a rules and discovering a solution. Those are all examples of why math is important.

Mr. Saunders began his career in education as a mathematics teacher. He previously served as the principal of Madison Elementary School and Triadelphia Middle School.



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