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Name: Hannah Hlad

Occupation: Real Estate Agent with Kennen & Kennen Realtors

High School: Wheeling Park High School

As a Wheeling native and graduate of Wheeling Park High School, I feel passionate about serving the community within Ohio County by selling real estate in the region. Throughout my time in high school and college, I always had an interest in interpersonal communications, and after acquiring a job in a field that is centered on those skill sets, I never imagined how often math skills would also be a crucial tool for helping customers and clients make the right investment when buying or selling a home. 

Not only does utilizing mathematics skills make the home buying or selling process much swifter and easier for the customer, it is essential in ensuring that the buyer is able to get financed for the home and the seller has gained equity in the home.

I crunch numbers every day at my job. Sometimes it could be something as simple as using division to calculate the cost per square foot of a house. This is important to compare the house’s value to that of a different sized home to see its affordability on the market. It could be something more complex, such as utilizing percentage values to calculate a buyer’s loan-to-value ratio to determine if a buyer can afford the house they’ve fallen in love with. 

While there are apps to assist you with real estate calculations, it’s essential to be able to perform mental math while you’re in the field because it can also help someone make an important decision quickly. Overall, there are countless scenarios in which realtors use math to help their clients. I feel so lucky to serve those individuals looking to live here in Wheeling. I love it here, and it’s my hope that they do, too. I know, that by brushing up on my math accuracy, I can help someone find the perfect time and place to invest!”



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