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Name: Jessica Rine

High School: Wheeling Park High School

Occupation: Executive Director of the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley

Interesting Fact: Jessica was featured as the Outstanding Alumnus at Wheeling Park’s 2019 graduation.

Of all the classes I took in school, math is certainly the one I use the most.  At the United Way, we work with numbers daily in calculating donations. We have an internal fundraising goal, and we track percentages to determine how close we are to achieve that goal each month.  Also, for our community events, we have to monitor our expenses and revenues to ensure that the event earns money for us to give back to the community.

Personally, I use math every day like when I cook or when I grocery shop! I aim to save at least 40 percent off of my bill through combining sales with coupons. It takes some planning, but I really enjoy it. Plus, math helps stretch our family budget so we can enjoy other things. 



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