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High School: Wheeling Park High School 2006

Occupation: Public Information Officer, Wheeling Police & Fire Departments

Interesting Fact: Interviewed Jerry Springer when he worked in TV.

Math was never my favorite topic, but the basics of the subject matter are a key part to daily living. I find myself using math at the police department – especially with time. Most emergency services operate on the 24-hour clock or as some refer to as ‘military time.’ Like the majority of people, the 12-hour a.m./p.m. clock is set in my head. However, I find myself constantly using math, subtracting 12 to get that a.m./p.m. time.

In television, writing and storytelling are the main components. However, time and math are two elements that must be utilized to have a timely newscast. Subtracting time codes, finding out how many seconds need to be cut or break times that need added can be an everyday challenge – but it all goes back to math!



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