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Ohio County Schools Math4Life Profile

Name: Emily Goodman

Hometown: Mt. Vernon, Kentucky

Occupation: WTRF Morning Meteorologist

While I don’t sit with my paper, pencil and calculator in hand, a lot of meteorology or weather is based on math! Math classes that I took in college and grad school included Calculus I and II, Physics, Thermodynamics and Statistics. The atmosphere is a fluid and all of the weather models I show on TV have been created using mathematical formulas. One of the simplest equations I use almost daily is RH = Td/T (100). To find Relative Humidity, you divide the dew point temperature into the air temperature then multiply by 100 to get a percentage. This tells us how much moisture is in the air, or how humid it is.

We are no stranger to flooding here in the Valley which leads me to another way in which I use math in my daily job. In order to total how much rain we’ve seen in a certain amount of time, I look at the rain gauge at the Ohio County Airport via the National Weather Service website. I added up each day’s amount to see how much rain we received just last week. It was a total of 2.6″ in four days. I use percentages to forecast daily rain or storm chances as well. These are just glimpses of the many ways I use mathematics to help deliver the forecast to the Upper Ohio Valley. Needless to say, math is very important in the weather field!

You can find me on Facebook as Emily Goodman WTRF and on Twitter as @Egoodman WTRF.



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