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Ohio County Schools officials believe its Universal Preschool Program (UPK) is the finest in West Virginia.

Ohio County Schools Student Services Director Raquel McLeod said the school system’s UPK or Pre-K program has been in place for 20 years, and it is important because it establishes the foundation of a child’s education. She said the program truly does prepare its students for a lifetime of learning.

“Pre-K is a child’s first experience in the school setting,” McLeod said. “It establishes the academic foundation, and It helps them prepare for the expectations of the classroom. The Pre-K program gives them an early opportunity to interact with peers in social settings, and it gets them acclimated to the learning environment.

“It’s also important for a child’s social and emotional development,” she added. “UPK involves early literacy and health and physical development. Academics are a focus, but it also includes other important areas such as self-regulation and social relationships.”

In Ohio County Schools, UPK students receive the finest in early childhood education from the most highly-qualified teachers.  The program provides the quality education all parents want for their children in a joyful environment. The program establishes the fundamentals of reading, writing, math, science and social studies. McLeod said Ohio County Schools is proud to offer such a wonderful program to the children and parents of Ohio County.

Twenty Ohio County sites offer 3 and 4-year-old students a flourishing program that meets their social, cognitive, linguistic, emotional, cultural and physical needs. Ohio County Schools also offers supplemental services including speech-and-language, occupational, and physical therapy to students deemed eligible to receive it.

Pictured from left are West Liberty Elementary School Pre-K students Olivyona Ryniawec, Aria McClure and Roselyn Sparks.

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