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Ohio County Schools Assistant Superintendent Rick Jones can’t say enough about the way in which the school system’s service and maintenance staff members responded to what could have been a serious situation.

Torrential rains poured over Wheeling Friday afternoon and evening, and water made its way into a number of schools. Ohio County Schools Administrator of Operations David Crumm said custodians from Bethlehem Elementary School, Madison Elementary School, Ritchie Elementary School, Triadelphia Middle School, Warwood School, Wheeling Middle School and Wheeling Park High School immediately went to work in dealing with the water that had made its way into the schools and taking the steps necessary to prevent additional water from entering.

“To me, it’s amazing how many of our staff members go above and beyond for their schools,” Jones said. “The custodians and service staff members came in because they were aware of what was happening, and they took care of what was needed to be done. They worked with their principals, and teachers also helped. Everyone came together, and they did a tremendous job.”

Crumm thanked the Wheeling Fire Department and Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration for assisting in cleaning the schools. He said none of the buildings sustained any serious damage, and the facilities are basically back to normal. Crumm commended all Ohio County Schools employees for their work Friday and over the weekend.

“The custodial and maintenance crews did a great job, as always,” he said. “I think we’re in a good place right now after working through the weekend. I haven’t heard from the schools this morning, so no news is good news. The maintenance crew was everywhere working from school to school in a torrential downpour. I think the maintenance and custodial crews and the administrators at each school did a phenomenal job to mitigate the issues.”

Photo: Ohio County Schools custodians and maintenance employees are being credited for their efforts following heavy rainfall on Friday. Pictured in front of Madison Elementary School on Monday are the school’s custodians with Principal Andrea Trio. Shown from left are Dave Iverson, Brian Dare, Trio and Matt MacFarland.


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