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COVID-19 Information

This page will be used to house all OCS Re-Entry information pertaining to the COVID-19 West Virginia Schools' Re-Entry. The page will be updated as new information becomes available.

General Information

Face Coverings: Grades PK - 12 will wear face coverings.

OCS Provided Devices: Grades PreK - 2nd: will receive an iPad; Grades 3rd - 12th will receive a Chromebook

OCS Re-Entry Booklet

OCS Re-Entry Summary Handout

OCS Re-Entry Level System Handout

OCS Re-Entry Level 2 Handout

In-School Learning and At-Home Learning Handout

Beginning Dates for Students:

September 8: 1st - 12th Grades
September 14: Kindergarten
September 21: PreK (1/2 of the class)
September 22: PreK (2nd half of the class)

In-School Learning First Week of School Schedule:

Tuesday, September 8: Group A: Last Name A - L Attends
Wednesday, September 9: Group B: Last Name M - Z Attends
Thursday, September 10: Group A: Last Name A - L Attends
Friday, September 11: Group B: Last Name M - Z Attends


Link to Frequently Asked Questions about Re-Entry and COVID-19 Procedures

Instruction Information

Schoology: Website:

-Used for parent-teacher communication
-Used for student-teacher communication
-Instructional videos and materials
-Assignments and assessments

Transportation Information

-Face coverings required for all students
-Up to two students per seat
-Students from same family or bus stop seated together
-Windows open as weather permits

WPHS Remote Learning Activity Buses

West Virginia Department of Education COVID-19 Information

Click the Link to go to WVDE Website:

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