Student Teachers

Ohio County Schools Human Resources Director Susan Nolte recently welcomed the school system’s student teachers who will begin teaching this spring.

Woodsdale Robotics Team

Pictured is the Woodsdale Elementary School Wonder Workshop Robotics Team as members perform a demonstration for Principal Ashlea Minch and teacher / Media Specialist Sandra Wiseman. The team recently placed in the top 1 percent out of 5,000 teams from 52 countries in the Wonder League Robotics Competition

WPHS Beautification Project

Wheeling Park High School Career and Technical teacher Don Headley and his students are currently involved in a landscaping and beautification project on the school’s campus.

Mayor Elliott Visits Wheeling Middle

Wheeling Mayor Glenn Elliott recently visited Wheeling Middle School. He spoke to students and also fielded questions regarding city government.

Ritchie Elementary Pledge of Allegiance

WTRF7 recently visited Ritchie Elementary School to film the students reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The students were featured during the channel’s morning news broadcast.

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Pictured are Triadelphia Middle School eighth graders Kiefer, Dylan and Lleyton Slaysman.

Slaysman Brothers Appreciate Triadelphia’s Tight-Knit Community

April 7, 2017

It happens nearly every time Triadelphia Middle School eighth graders Lleyton, Kiefer and Dylan are together in one of the school’s hallways. A classmate or teacher happily greets the triplets collectively by simply announcing their last name for each of them to hear. “Slaysmans!” is a greeting the brothers have to come to expect in…

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West Liberty Elementary teacher Jennifer Litzenberger is shown with students Lily Tennant and Coalton Lemasters.

Teacher Profile: West Liberty Elementary School’s Jennifer Litzenberger Found a Home at West Liberty Elementary

March 31, 2017

It took a while for Jennifer Litzenberger to find her home as a teacher in Ohio County Schools. She began her career in 1996 as an elementary teacher at Warwood School where she spent a year. From there, she served at Triadelphia Middle School. She’s served twice at Elm Grove Elementary School and twice at…

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Bridge Street Middle School student Dori Kins is shown playing saxophone in the school's band room.

Bridge Street’s Dori Kins is Focused on Her Future

March 27, 2017

Ohio County Schools Student Profile – “Bridge Street’s Dori Kins is Focused on her Future” Bridge Street Middle School student Dori Kins is an exceptionally focused and   motivated young lady. When she’s asked a question, she answers without hesitation and tells you exactly what she thinks. She’s impressively confident. The eighth grader knew early on…

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Our Students

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Little Mermaid 1 Billboard Version 4 (1) Assessment and Curriculum Director Raquel Welch McLeod Woodsdale Photo Graduation - May Photo 2 IMG_3053 IMG_2432 IMG_2393 Steenrod Science IMG_2288 SADD 2016 (4) IMG_2135 Warwood Pledge IMG_1813 IMG_1707 IMG_1380 Steenrod Reading 2 Steenrod Reading 1 IMG_1101 IMG_1033 WPHS AP IMG_1009 IMG_0948 IMG_0934 IMG_0918 IMG_0916 IMG_0900 IMG_0879 Elm Grove 2 Steenrod Child Nutrition IMG_0599 IMG_0503 IMG_0495 IMG_0493 IMG_9895 Bethlehem Pledge IMG_0370 IMG_0354 IMG_0311 IMG_0131 IMG_9671 IMG_0018 Elm Grove Fire Prevention IMG_9267 West Liberty Flag Folding 2 West Liberty Flag Folding 1 IMG_9054 IMG_9040 Steenrod Pledge 2 Steenrod Pledge 1 IMG_8827 IMG_8751 IMG_8670 IMG_8633 Elm Grove Photo IMG_8513 IMG_8369 West Liberty IMG_8135 IMG_7889 IMG_7248 IMG_9404