Educational Technology Resources

Graphics / Video

Kizoa: - Online movie editing application.  Free for student, teachers, and educational faculty.

SAS Codesnaps: - Free iOS app teaches coding basics, code is used to control Sphero robots.

Adobe Spark: - Create social graphics, web stories, and animated videos with this free graphic design app.

Screencast O Matic: - Fast, free screen recording.



Flashcard Machine: - A free service for creating web-based study flashcards that can be shared with others.  It also has corresponding mobile apps.

Free Rice 2.0: - An online flashcard website that donates rice to the World Food Program every time you answer a question correctly.


Quizzes / Surveys / Real Time Response / Classroom Engagement

Kahoot: - Create interactive quizzes, discussions, and surveys.  You need only a shared screen and devices for the students to answer the questions.  Best used in a group setting.

Bing Pulse: - Collect real time responses to quizzes, surveys, and discussions.  Bing Pulse is very similar to Kahoot.

Socrative: - Engage students with free software that allows for quizzes and games (quiz bowl).  The software will provide teachers live results for all your assessments and games.


Interactive Media

Edpuzzle: - Edpuzzle allows you to take existing (or your own) videos and add questions / voice overs as the video plays to help guide student learning.  The software is free for teachers.


Subject Area Software

Quill: - Quill provides free writing and grammar activities for middle and high school students.

Brain Genie: - Use over 5,000+ free activities to sharpen student mastery of math and science.

Zoom In: - Zoom In is a free, Web-based platform that helps students build literacy and historical thinking skills through “deep dives” into primary and secondary sources.

Smarty Pins with Google Maps: -  An interactive game that tests players' trivia and geographic knowledge, free.

Newsela: - Strengthen reading and comprehension skills using non-fiction articles that can be tailored to your students' reading level.  The free version allows you and your students to access all articles, take  quizzes, teachers assign articles, receive email updates, and create annotations for your students.

Kiddle: - A safe visual search engine for kids.  It is especially useful for students struggling with reading or elementary students.


Arts / Physical Education

Music Tech Teacher: - This site provides lessons to be used in music classrooms as well as a wealth of music based technology tools.

Music - Practice the fundamentals of music for free online.

Isle of Tune: A musical sequencer game.  Create musical journeys from street layouts.  Roadside elements are you instruments and cars are the players.

Google Arts & Culture: - Explore art works and culture from around the world for free with Google Arts & Culture. Check out work from specific artists, time periods, architecture, and more.

MoMA: - MoMA's website offers resources to use in your classroom as well as lesson plans and interactive materials.

Pressing the Easy Button: - A YouTube site dedicated to how to use technology in the physical education classroom.

The P.E. Geek: A blog site dedicated to integrating technology into physical education.



Typing Club: - Online typing software that offers significant control over what your students typing progress.  The program includes reporting, interactive experiences, custom lessons, and more.  Typing Club offers a free and a paid version.


Virtual Field Trips

Skype in the Classroom: - Skype with people from all over the world to enrich your lessons with information from subject specific experts.  Take virtual tours of museums, historical sites, etc.