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Ohio County Schools and its Technology Department are working to ensure that every student has internet access.

OCS Assistant Technology Director Seth Bell said Thursday that all of the school system’s exterior access points and community “hot spots” are working. He said Wi-Fi locations throughout the schools and throughout the community are being utilized effectively.

Ohio County Schools students also have access to Kids Connect, which is an initiative of the West Virginia Department of Education. Kids Connect is designed to support the learning needs of children during time outside of school hours. By installing the necessary equipment, public schools, higher education institutions, libraries and state parks with existing connectivity can be turned into Wi-Fi hotspots. The signals are broadcast into parking lots and locations in close proximity allowing students to visit these areas and access the Wi-Fi to complete school assignments.

“We’re in an unexpected situation, in which we need to provide instruction in many ways,” Ohio County Schools Innovation Coordinator JoJo Shay said. “We are grateful to community partners, Ohio County officials and the West Virginia Department of Education in their efforts to provide internet access for our students.

“The ability to utilize our schools and community locations to bolster what we are doing in terms of Wi-Fi is important, and it’s wonderful to be able to provide these locations,” Shay added. “Internet access in today’s world can be limited for a variety of reasons, but the good news is that there is internet access for every Ohio County Schools student.”

Wireless Access Information 

With your Ohio County Schools provided device, you will be able to access the WiFi at the locations listed below. Ohio County Schools’ devices will connect automatically to the Wi-Fi at any of the locations below when you are within range of the Wi-Fi. Your student does not have to be enrolled at the particular school to access the Wi-Fi there. For example, if your child is a student at Wheeling Park High School, he or she will be able to take their Chromebook to Ritchie Elementary School and connect to the Wi-Fi. Personal devices will not  be able to access Ohio County Schools’ Wi-Fi. The locations are listed below. 

Bethlehem Elementary School – Parking lot in front of school 

Elm Grove Elementary School – Side parking lot and bus lane 

Madison Elementary School – Front entrance and steps 

Middle Creek Elementary School – Bus lane 

Ritchie Elementary School – Fire lane and front entrance 

Steenrod Elementary School – Near outdoor classroom 

Warwood School – Middle school entrance 

West Liberty Elementary School – Gym entrance 

Woodsdale Elementary School – Bus circle in front of school 

Bridge Street Middle School – Parking lot near gym entrance 

Wheeling Middle School – Fire lane and front Entrance 

Wheeling Park High School – Rear of building near green house, numerous locations on the plaza and in fire lane near the J.B. Chambers Performing Arts Center.

*Wi-Fi is not currently available at Triadelphia Middle School due to construction issues. However, Wi-Fi is available to students at neighboring Steenrod Elementary School. 

Community Locations 

Laughlin Memorial Chapel – Front of building 

Mozart Volunteer Fire Department – Side parking lot 

Oglebay Park – Par 3 course-side of building near ski lift 

Valley Grove Volunteer Fire Department – Parking lot 

North Wheeling Community Center –  Side of building 

North Park Headstart – Parking lot 

Photo: Ohio County Schools Technology Director Patrick Riddle, at left, and Assistant Technology Director Seth Bell are shown preparing a wireless exterior internet access point for use by students. 

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