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COVID-19 Information

MESSAGE FROM DR. MILLER-January 4th, 2021

Good Afternoon -

Beginning January 19th, Ohio County Schools students in grades K-8 will have the opportunity to return to in-person learning five days per week. Pre-K students will continue to follow the four day per week schedule with Wednesdays off.  Wheeling Park High School families will receive a call-out from Mrs. Dialer with information specific to the high school.

A remote option will continue to be available for students. Elementary and Middle School families will have access to an online form to enroll your child in the Ohio County Schools Remote Learning Program. The form will be made available through the Ohio County Schools website, Schoology, and social media sites. Parents who wish to continue remote learning must submit this form by Friday, January 8th. If a form is not received, your child will be expected to return to five day, in-person learning.

We will continue to ensure the safety of our students by following COVID-19 guidelines and working closely with the local health department. We are excited to finally have our students back in the classroom! Thank you and have a good evening.

OCS Remote Learning Program Enrollment Forms

Thank you,

Kimberly S. Miller, Ed.D.

OCS Superintendent


This page will be used to house all OCS Re-Entry information pertaining to the COVID-19 West Virginia Schools' Re-Entry. The page will be updated as new information becomes available.

General Information

Face Coverings: Grades PK - 12 will wear face coverings.

OCS Provided Devices: Grades PreK - 2nd: will receive an iPad; Grades 3rd - 12th will receive a Chromebook

January 2021 Remote Learning Information

Elementary Remote Learning

Middle School Remote Learning

High School Remote Learning

September 2020 Information

OCS Re-Entry Booklet

OCS Re-Entry Summary Handout

OCS Re-Entry Level System Handout

OCS Re-Entry Level 2 Handout

In-School Learning and At-Home Learning Handout

Beginning Dates for Students:

September 8: 1st - 12th Grades
September 14: Kindergarten
September 21: PreK (1/2 of the class)
September 22: PreK (2nd half of the class)

In-School Learning First Week of School Schedule:

Tuesday, September 8: Group A: Last Name A - L Attends
Wednesday, September 9: Group B: Last Name M - Z Attends
Thursday, September 10: Group A: Last Name A - L Attends
Friday, September 11: Group B: Last Name M - Z Attends


Link to Frequently Asked Questions about Re-Entry and COVID-19 Procedures

Instruction Information

Schoology: Website:

-Used for parent-teacher communication
-Used for student-teacher communication
-Instructional videos and materials
-Assignments and assessments

Transportation Information

-Face coverings required for all students
-Up to two students per seat
-Students from same family or bus stop seated together
-Windows open as weather permits

WPHS Remote Learning Activity Buses

West Virginia Department of Education COVID-19 Information

Click the Link to go to WVDE Website:

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