Billing Information

Any unpaid meal debt on student accounts remains the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Although bills are no longer mailed monthly to student households because we are part of the CEP (Community Eligibility Provision), all accrued past debt for breakfast or lunch meals at school remains on the student's account until paid in full. If a family needs to set up a payment plan with the Child Nutrition Office they can do so by contacting Lisa Murphy at 304-243-0486.  Delinquent bills may be turned over to a Collection Agency which can negatively impact the credit rating of the parent/guardian responsible for the debt.

No charging of meals for the 2022-2023 school year will be allowed for students as we participate in the Community Eligibility Provision Program. OCS Staff may continue to charge meals if desired and bills will be mailed monthly.

Remit payments to the Office of Child Nutrition, Wheeling Park High School, 1976 Park View Road, Wheeling, WV 26003.  For more information, call (304) 243-0486.

Pay Your Bill Online

Ohio County Schools is proud to offer School Café, a safe and secure way for parents or staff to make online payments to cafeteria accounts.  A minimum of $20 must be paid to the account when paying online, but no fees are charged to your account.  Online payments require a credit or debit card.

School Café will provide the ability to:

  • View your cafeteria account balance

  • Access from any computer 24/7

  • Automatic payments - pay your cafeteria account online by clicking the link.

School Café Flyer