Student Devices

All Ohio County Schools students received either a Lenovo Chromebook or an Apple iPad to use at school and at home. These devices will be collected in the coming weeks as they were leased from the companies and must be returned. As part of the agreement signed by parents and students it was agreed that the device would be returned in working condition and with all the provided accessories (cases, bags, chargers). It is important to return all the provided accessories including the correct device charger. If the device has been broken or the incorrect accessories are returned you may be charged a fee to replace those items. Please see the information below to ensure you are returning the correct device and accessories.

Thank You,

Ohio County Schools Office of Technology


iPads were issues to students in grades PreKindergarten through Second Grade. Each iPad was issued with a case and a charger. iPad colors may vary and you were issued one of the two possible cases shown below. See below for pictures.




OtterBox Case

UAG case

UAG Case

ipad charger

iPad Charger

Apple branded charging block and lightning cable required.

iPad Fees

iPad Replacement: $299
Case Replacement: $35
Charger Replacement (Cable and Block): $37

Fees for broken or non-functioning devices will be accessed when the device is turned in.


Lenovo Chromebooks were issued to students in grades Three through Twelfth Grade. Each Chromebook was issued with a bag and a charger. This past winter students were also given a protective cover for their device. See below for pictures.


Lenovo 300e

One of the Sleeves Below

bump armor

Bump Armor

targus case

Targus Case

Gumdrop Case

Gumdrop Cover

One of the Chargers Below

CB Charger

Lenovo Charger

Lenovo branded charging brick and cable.

Lenovo Charger

Lenovo Charger

Chromebook Fees

Chromebook Replacement: $335
Chromebook Sleeve: $30
Chromebook Protective Cover: $30
Chromebook Charger: $37

Fees for broken or non-functioning devices will be accessed when the device is turned in.