Students pictured are Olivia Gregory, Madison Huyssen and Maddox Huyssen with teacher Dani Gregory.

The “Chick Project” is underway at Warwood School!!!

The Chick Project is a sustainability project under the direction of kindergarten teacher Dani Gregory. As part of the project, kindergarten students have learned about the life cycle of a chicken, adaptations, ecology, sustainability and other life-science lessons.

Students also learned about community connections. Gregory and her students worked with The Blended Homestead, which donated the eggs for the project, and WVU Extension Office whose representatives did lessons and provided supplies.

“I am so excited I was able to bring the Chick Project to Warwood School this year,” Gregory said. “The students are always excited to participate in something new, and this was no exception. When I was preparing for the project, I discussed plans with the Blended Homestead to procure the eggs. The kindergarten students waited so patiently for the 21 days it took for the eggs to hatch, and they were all eager to hold them.”

Gregory hosted a live stream so all of the school’s students could participate in the project, and they were able to see several chicks hatch over Google Meet. The stream is still live for them to watch as the chicks continue to grow.

“This was such a fun project for the whole school to see, and several classes have been able to stop in my classroom to see them up close,” Gregory said. “Nine healthy chicks hatched, and they will stay with kindergarten until the end of the school year. When it is time for summer break, a few Warwood families will be taking the chicks home to join their new ‘farm-ever’ homes.”