Pictured is Elm Grove Elementary School teacher Alexandria Parker working with two of her students.

An Elm Grove Elementary School teacher has earned a Math4Life grant that will greatly benefit her students!!!

 Congratulations to Elm Grove teacher Alexandria Parker on winning a $955 Math4Life grant. Elm Grove Principal Rick Dunlevy said Parker is an exceptional teacher who is dedicated to her students’ learning.

“Ms. Parker is an energetic teacher who is always looking for new ways to engage her students,” Dunlevy said. “This grant will provide her with extra resources to do exactly that. We are proud to have her as part of the Elm Grove team.”

 West Virginia’s Math4Life initiative is a statewide effort to improve student mathematics performance. The WVDE seeks to work with counties and schools throughout the state to institute best practices, challenging pedagogy, and student engagement strategies to improve students’ mathematics achievement. The math4life statewide plan is designed around a statewide leadership team that works collaboratively to create a system of mathematical improvement from the state level to the district level to the school level and, ultimately, to the student level.

The counties leverage the West Virginia College-and Career-Readiness Standards for Mathematics to select their instructional materials and to implement math programs, technology supports, and community engagement practices to market their local math4life initiatives.