Dr. Miller Board Members visit Elm Grove Elementary

A goal at Elm Grove Elementary School is to create a caring environment, and that goal is being achieved.

Ohio County Schools Superintendent Kimberly Miller toured Elm  Gove today as part of her annual superintendent’s visits. Ohio County Board of Education President Andy Garber and board members Molly Aderholt, Pete Chacalos, and Grace Norton were also on hand for the visit along with Ohio County Schools administrators.

Ohio County Schools officials heard from Principal Rick Dunlevy who has served as the school’s principal for 14 years. He addressed a number of matters during the session including the school’s planned expansion project, the importance of the Elm Grove PTO, community service projects and school culture. Dunlevy discussed the school’s anti-bullying efforts, and how well the students at all grade levels get along together.

“Students are very caring and tolerant toward each other,” he said. “That may be what I’m most proud of. This is also a very giving school, and we’ve done a lot of important fundraisers to help others. Our students are very compassionate, and they want to help others.”

Members of Elm Grove’s fourth and fifth-grade student councils took part in the discussions. They said they are looking forward to plans for a new playground at the school, and they presented the Elm Grove “Daily Affirmation” for those in attendance. Students said they believe they are prepared for the upcoming West Virginia General Summative Assessment (GSA), and they also believe there are caring staff members they can turn to if they need help. Students also spoke of their excitement and concerns about moving on to Bridge Street Middle School next year.

The session ended with a tour of the school. Dr. Miller thanked Dunlevy and Dragon students and staff members for the visit