Dr. Miller and Dr. Shepherd are shown with Warwood students.

The “Viking Enterprises” simulated workplace program at Warwood School is a big success, according to students.

 Dr. Miller visited Warwood School Thursday as part of her annual Student Forums, and she spoke to students in grades six-through-eight. Ohio County Schools Behavioral Specialist Dr. Nicole Shepherd also attended the discussion and engaged with students.

The students were very excited to discuss “Viking Enterprises.” The program includes the school’s news channel, “Viking News Network,” and newspaper, “Viking Voices.” The simulated workplace program also involves health and wellness and community service aspects. The students said they love it because the program is student led, involves creativity and is engaging.

 Students said they believe their teachers truly care for them and want them to excel in the classroom. They like the school’s scheduling options, and they are pleased with the facilities. They did, however, ask if it would be possible to change lunch schedules.

Viking students told Dr. Miller they believe they are prepared for the upcoming West Virginia General Summative Assessment test, and they are excited to take what they’ve learned in the classroom and “put it to good use.” The students said they are looking forward to attending Wheeling Park High School, with particular interest expressed in regard to Park’s TV and radio program.

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