Dr. Miller Visits Middle Creek Elementary School

Middle Creek Elementary is a very busy school filled with Road Runner students who are so excited to learn.

Ohio County Schools Superintendent Kimberly Miller toured Middle Creek today as part of her annual superintendent’s visits. Ohio County Board of Education President Andy Garber and board member Grace Norton were also on hand for the visit along with Ohio County Schools administrators.

Ohio County Schools officials were greeted by Middle Creek Student Council members who recited poetry, and Middle Creek baristas from the Creek Café served drinks. Principal Katrina Lewis started the day’s discussion and Counselor Pam Fazzini, Reading Interventionist Sudie Nardone and PTA President Tina Jenkins also spoke to Dr. Miller and school system officials.

Lewis commended the leadership of the school’s teachers, and she praised the entire staff. She thanked cook Robin Murphy and custodian Chris Gockstetter for their hard work and dedication to the school and students. Middle Creek staff members discussed the importance of the Middle Creek PTO and parent connections.

“We focus on the social and emotional needs of the students, and we balance that with a strong academic foundation,” Lewis said. “The foundation of reading and math are so important. We have to have that foundation so our students can be strong, productive leaders… Our teachers are leaders in the school. They benefit Middle Creek, but they also benefit Ohio County Schools by helping to develop the county curriculum. There are so many great things happening at Middle Creek Elementary School, and our staff members care so much for our wonderful students.”

Student programs were also an important topic of discussion. The “After School Club” and the “Robotics Club” are popular with students, and Ms. Nardone told Dr. Miller and guests about the proud tradition of the Middle Creek “Book A Month,” which is known as “BAM!” Each month every student in the school is given a new book, and the books are delivered room-by-room in a red wagon controlled by a guest wagon puller. Mr. Garber and Ms. Norton helped with Wednesday’s “BAM” delivery.

The session ended with a tour of the school. Dr. Miller thanked Ms. Lewis and Road Runner students and staff members for the visit