Cathi Bell

Cathi Bell has been selected as the 2021-2022 Madison Elementary School Service Personnel Employee of the Year.

Bell joined the Madison staff as an aide in 2009, and she has remained in that role since that time. Madison Elementary School Principal Andrea Trio said Bell is committed to Madison and its students, and she is dedicated team member.

“Cathi is a wonderful instructional assistant at Madison Elementary School,” Trio said. “You will often hear her ask, ‘How can I help?’ She is consistently looking for ways to do just that. Eager to always learn something new, Cathi will often take it upon herself to dig into research and curriculum to help the students at Madison succeed.  She has taken it upon herself to extend her professional development in multiple areas of her work.  Daily, Cathi not only looks for ways to support students academically, but also socially and emotionally. Cathi's commitment to our school is strong.  She is a hard worker, and her willingness to do things for others is what makes her shine.”

Bell said she truly enjoys being a part of the Madison team.

“I love being at Madison,” she said. “I love helping and being with the students. I try my best at all that I do.”