Woodsdale Elementary School Service Personnel Employee of the Year

Kathleen Stefanow has been selected as the 2021-2022 Woodsdale Elementary School Service Personnel Employee of the Year.

Stefanow has served as an aide/paraprofessional at Woodsdale since 2017. She joined Ohio County Schools in 2005 when she was hired as an aide at Wheeling Park High School. She served as an aide/paraprofessional from 2006-2009 at Bridge Street Middle School before returning to Park in 2009. She served at Wheeling Park until 2017 before moving to Woodsdale.

Woodsdale Elementary School Principal Ashlea Minch said Stefanow does so much for the school and students beyond her assigned duties. She said Stefanow cares about her students and staff members.

"Kathleen cheerfully greets the students each morning when they get off the bus,” Minch said. “She accommodates her students' needs and makes sure they are safe and cared for. As an instructional aide, she is often responsible for small-group instruction. Kathleen goes above and beyond for our students and our school. She (with her students' help) has taken charge of our school sign and the surrounding landscaping. If you see the pretty flowers this spring, you have Kathleen to thank. We're lucky to have her at Woodsdale."