Wheeling Park High School 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year

Melonie Miller has been named as the 2021-2022 Wheeling Park High School Teacher of the Year.

 She has been an adult basic education teacher at Wheeling Park High School since 2016. Wheeling Park High School Principal Meredith Dailer said Miller is an important person to her students.

 “Mrs. Miller is that ‘one caring adult’ to so many of our at-risk students,” Dailer said. “She has dedicated herself to helping students find their path and have success after high school.”

Miller said she was surprised to learn she was nominated for Wheeling Park High School’s Teacher of the Year, and she was even more surprised to be selected by her colleagues as the school’s Teacher of the Year.

“I work with so many talented and devoted teachers, and I am deeply honored and humbled by this title,” Miller said. “Wheeling Park High School has such an amazing and diverse staff, as well as programs and classes to meet every student’s interests, needs and talents.

Miller said she is proud to be a teacher at Wheeling Park, and she enjoys her work. She said she loves her Patriot students.

“I knew working at Park in this position would be an incredible opportunity to do what I love, which is working with students to help them graduate and prepare them for the future,” she said. “One of the aspects I love the most about working at Park is that when an individual student has an issue, the entire staff comes together to help solve that student’s problem. Students and their needs are important to all of us, and I believe that is what makes us a successful high school. Every day I try to be a better teacher than I was the day before, and I can do that because there is great support and there are fantastic teachers at Wheeling Park.”