Wheeling Park graduate Daisy Reasbeck discussing serving in the U.S. Naval Academy

Wheeling Park High School students in the history class of Ryan Stanton welcomed a very special guest today.

Class of 2020 Patriot graduate Daisy Reasbeck is currently serving in the United States Naval Academy, and she spoke to students about her life as a Midsphipman. She told them she believed Wheeling Park prepared her well for the Naval Academy, and she expressed to students the importance of being ready for life after high school.

“No matter what school you attend, you need to know how to study and work,” Reasbeck said. “It pays to be well prepared right now… I love what I’m doing (in the Naval Academy) right now. It’s very busy, but it’s paying off.”

Reasbeck had some special visitors of her own today. Ohio County Schools Superintendent Kimberly Miller watched her speak to students, and she congratuled her on her success. Reasbeck’s sister, Ellie, a current Wheeling Park student, also stopped by to visit her sister.