Pictured from left are 2022 Ohio County Schools retirees Rick Thomas, Ann Coleman, Dwaine Rodgers, Rhea Rodgers, Jane Haught, Randall Walker and Celeste Marshall

Ohio County Schools said thank you to 29 retiring employees who were recognized for 712 collective years of valuable service to the school system.

 Superintendent Kimberly Miller welcomed retiring teachers and service personnel members to a reception prior to Monday’s regular meeting of the Ohio County Board of Education. She thanked them for their many years of service and their efforts to offer the best education possible to the children of Ohio County.

 “They were well aware that they were working on behalf of our wonderful students,” Miller said. “They’re dedication is a source of pride for Ohio County Schools, and they were true professionals with many years of excellent service. I’m proud of them, and I know they will be truly missed in all of their schools.”

 Dr. Miller presented each retiree with a certificate of appreciation. They also received a lifetime pass to Wheeling Park High School athletic events.



Mary Beaver - 21 Years

Ann Coleman – 45 Years

Sherry Crummitt – 24 Years

Deedra Davis – 30 Years

Patricia Dorfner – 19 Years

Sharon Jebbia – 10 Years

Sheryl Long – 31 Years

Celeste Marshall – 24 Years

Dwaine Rodgers – 36 Years

Rhea Rodgers – 35 Years

Elaine Sedilko – 25 Years

Richard Thomas – 19 Years


Gerald Ames – 37.5 Years

Nancy Arensberg – 21 Years

Debra Calmbacher – 28 Years

Jane Davis – 40 Years

Cynthia Dean – 19 Years

Ronald Didion – 8 Years

Lawrence Ebbert – 25 Years

Pamela Fischer – 27 Years

Jane Haught – 16 Years

Terry Kestner – 29 Years

James Gregory Kucera – 19 Years

Sandra Schuetz – 27 Years

Kyle Ann Sheets – 13 Years

Sharon Stamm-Pettit – 16 Years

Joseph Stolarski – 22.5 Years

Linda Tyson – 7 Years

Randall Walker – 38 Years