Susan Nolte

Wheeling Park High School and Ohio County Schools are a family tradition for school system Human Resources Director Susan Nolte.

 Nolte is a 1987 graduate of Wheeling Park High School, and she is looking forward to her class’s 35th reunion. She said she loved the opportunities made available to her at Park, and she also values the relationships she developed there with her classmates and teachers.

 “I love Wheeling Park High School and the great experiences I’ve had there,” Nolte said. “Whatever your interest, Park has an entire program for it. You can do anything at Wheeling Park High School.”

 Nolte’s husband, Scott, is a Broadcast Technology teacher at Park, and their six children are all Patriots. Their two youngest children are entering their senior year at Park. Nolte said that realization is bittersweet.

 “Our time as parents of Wheeling Park High School students is coming to an end, and it is kind of sad,” Nolte said. “We’ve experienced so much with our children in Ohio County Schools. The experiences have been wonderful. The speech teams, National Honor Society, the homecomings – they have all been such meaningful memories. But, we have no doubt that our children are well prepared for anything they choose to do. That’s why I love Wheeling Park High School and Ohio County Schools.”

 Nolte is entering the 29th year of her career in education. She joined Ohio County Schools in 2012 when she was chosen as the assistant principal of Warwood School. In 2013, she was named the school’s principal. Nolte was named as the school system’s human resources director in 2014.

 Nolte is passionate about public education. She is grateful to the Ohio County Community for its steadfast support of the school system, its students and its facilities. Nolte also thanked the current Ohio County Board of Education and past boards for providing the best for the community’s children.

 “We are so fortunate to have a community that supports public education and education for all,” Nolte said. “Our students receive the finest education possible in the best facilities possible because of that support. It’s amazing what our school system offers, and students and teachers outside of our area are envious of all we have to offer.”

 “My family has had incredible opportunities afforded to them through public education,” she added. “I have six children who are all on the path to be successful because of it. They were provided a safe space in which excellent educators wanted them to succeed and helped them achieve their goals.”