Rick Marsh

Wheeling Park High School History Department Chair Rick Marsh believes the school’s teachers have a collective goal in doing all they can to help students realize their potential and achieve their goals.

Marsh is a 1987 graduate of Wheeling Park High, but he didn’t initially pursue a career in education. He returned to college in 1999 to earn his teaching degree, and he became a teacher at age 31. He’s now a highly-regarded educator, coach, department head and a National Board Certified teacher. Marsh was also recently named as Wheeling Park’s assistant athletic director.

Marsh said his teachers and coaches at Wheeling Park High School made a big impact on him. He fondly remembers Park educators such as Harold Boram and Sam Andy, and he said he was fortunate that he had the opportunity to return to his alma mater and teach along with them. Marsh said his experience has made him a quality educator.

“Teaching is very rewarding,” Marsh said. “I enjoy the people I work with, but I also got to teach with the ones who taught me. They taught me the ropes, and I did my job. I’ve now taught every high school grade level, and I’ve served as department chair, so I can relate to all types of kids and be a mentor and teacher.”

“Know your students,” Marsh added in regard to his teacher career. “I love talking with them, and we have conversations. Getting to know them is important.”

Marsh said public education is essential, and he is proud of the education he received at Wheeling Park High School. He said the broad curriculum and extracurricular activities offered to Patriot students makes Park an excellent school.

“You would have to offer me a million dollars to leave Wheeling Park High School,” Marsh said. “It’s a great place to work and a great place to learn. All of the teachers and staff members strive to make it what it is. Public education is a needed commodity. We have to have it. To have a public high school like Park that offers so much is amazing. It’s incredible what a student can accomplish at Park.”

The entire Marsh family is a part of Ohio County Schools.  His wife, Shannon Marsh, is a teacher at Bethlehem Elementary School, and their three sons are OCS students. Jared is entering his junior year at Wheeling Park, Quinn will be an eighth grader at Wheeling Middle School, and E.J. will be a fifth grader at Bethlehem.

“My kids are in the system, and they love it,” Marsh said. “The opportunities are endless. It’s phenomenal.”