Unique Murphy

Unique Murphy is returning the favor.

The 2015 graduate of Wheeling Park High School was recently hired as an Ohio County Schools Communities in Schools (CIS) social worker. She will lead the four-member CIS team in its first year of existence in the school system.

The mission of CIS is to provide students with a community of support that empowers them to stay in school and achieve in life. It links educators with the community to bring local talents and resources into the schools and create a network that keeps students in school and engaged in learning. CIS offers specific services to students and their families to build a foundation for academic success. These services help schools connect struggling children with secure housing, medical care, food assistance, tutoring and other critical supports.

Murphy said she is excited about her new role. She believes CIS will be of great benefit to Ohio County Schools students and families.

“We will be bridging the gap between the schools and the community,” she said. “I hope everyone keeps an open mind in regard to what Communities in Schools is going to do for Ohio County Schools. It is so beneficial to have social workers in schools who are actively involved and making connections with parents.”

After graduating from Park, Murphy earned her bachelor’s degree in social work from Marshall University in 2018. She worked as a social worker for Belmont County Student Services after graduating from college.

Murphy is a product of Ohio County Schools. She attended Madison Elementary School and Bridge Street and Triadelphia middle schools. Murphy said she is thrilled to now work on behalf of the students of Ohio County Schools and Wheeling Park High School.

“I didn’t have the best home life, and Wheeling Park provided me with the support I needed,” she said. “I loved Park, and the teachers I had were very involved. I still talk to them today, and I still appreciate it. I’m so excited and grateful for this new opportunity because I’ll be able to give back.”